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News Update Feb 2010

Attention WELRA Members: Wilding Tree Control Days 2010

The last couple of years heve seen WELRA make fantastic progress with raising funds for wilding work in the Waimakariri district. Our annual volunteer days are a valuable part of the effort and after around 12 years of these the front of wilding spread has been kept back kilometres closer to the source trees than it would be if volunteers hadn't been doing their bit. It would be fantastic if some WELRA members would be keen to help this year. Environment canterbury makes a $40 donation for each volunteer to their tramping club or WELRA so WELRA members who help will also earn another drop for the funding bucket.

In March and April we are holding two volunteer days.

  • Saturday 20th March.  Flock HillWe will be working on two separate locations on the eastern and southern slopes of Constitution Hill.  Access is by 4WD, and transport will be provided from Christchurch by the Combined 4WD Club.  Both locations require a moderate standard of fitness.
  • On Saturday 10th April.  We are tackling two separate sites:

Corner Creek: At the confluence of the Harper and Avoca River in the Rakaia Gorge.  Again, it is 4WD access only, and again transport will be provided from Christchurch by the Combined 4WD Club.  A moderate/good standard of fitness is required for much of the country, although there is some easy terrain.
Broad Stream.  This is up at Cora Lyn in the Waimakariri catchment. Access is by car. 

If you are keen to help out this year then let me know which day and send me your contact details. We can only take as many people as we can supervise so it's first in first served.

If you are a member of any of the Tramping Clubs listed below and want to volunteer for a day then please contact your club co-ordinator.

Peninsula Tramping Club- Merv Meredith: secretary@peninsulatrampingclub.org.nz (03) 322 7239
Pegasus Tramping Club - Brian Bonsell: bonsell@xtra.co.nz (03)358-5259
Christchurch Tramping Club -Warwick Dowling: warwick.dowling@clear.net.nz (03) 366 2045
High Country Fire Team - Mark Warren: mark_warren@clear.net.nz 027 221 2724
Canterbury University Tramping Club: environmental@cutc.org.nz
Over 40’s Tramping Club – Warwick Scadden: scaddens@xtra.co.nz  (03) 351 9779
Rangiora Tramping - Bruce Banks: suebruceb@paradise.net.nz (03) 312 7416
Club Combined 4WD Clubs – Brent McGuire: bmedr@ihug.co.nz (03) 384 3479

Look forward to hearing from you.

James Hoban
Resource Care
Environment Canterbury
PO Box 345
Phone: 03 371 7182